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Texplainer: Besides Elections, What's Happening Today?

Tribune, March 4, 2014, at 11:00 AM

Dewhurst supporters outside KERA awaiting lieutenant governor debate

Star-Telegram, January 27, 2014, at 8:05 PM

Fort Worth mayor attends national conference

Star-Telegram, January 23, 2014, at 5:03 PM

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to Sean Hannity: Move to Texas

Star-Telegram, January 21, 2014, at 12:59 PM

Fort Worth rated third best city for job seekers

Star-Telegram, January 14, 2014, at 4:15 PM

Fire negotiations come to an abrupt end

Star-Telegram, December 31, 2013, at 12:21 PM

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge switches parties to run for Texas Supreme Court

Star-Telegram, December 9, 2013, at 5:24 PM

Cruz will be in South Africa for Mandela Memorial

Star-Telegram, December 9, 2013, at 4:58 PM

Sen. Cornyn's Iran Tweet Sparks Reaction in Twitter-Sphere

Star-Telegram, November 25, 2013, at 3:49 PM

Burgess to Give GOP response to Obama Radio Address

Star-Telegram, November 22, 2013, at 12:57 PM

Former President George W. Bush speaks about JFK

Star-Telegram, November 22, 2013, at 8:28 AM

Inspiration from long ago: A tip of the hat to Sam Kinch Sr., Harley Pershing and Bob Bain

Star-Telegram, November 16, 2013, at 7:04 PM

Obama supporters and opponents in Dallas

Star-Telegram, November 6, 2013, at 5:05 PM

Price endorses Shelton for Texas Senate District 10

Star-Telegram, November 5, 2013, at 11:32 PM

All-time low voter turnout?

Star-Telegram, November 5, 2013, at 12:47 PM

I voted!

Star-Telegram, November 5, 2013, at 8:54 AM

Mixed identities

Star-Telegram, November 1, 2013, at 3:10 PM

Wendy Davis talks about the role of farmers and ranchers in Texas

Star-Telegram, October 29, 2013, at 10:49 AM

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz visits with local business owners in Fort Worth

Star-Telegram, October 22, 2013, at 4:03 PM

Fort Worth's Lorraine Miller new interim NAACP chief

Star-Telegram, October 21, 2013, at 4:37 PM

Rep. Roger Williams' Office Gets Punk'd

Star-Telegram, October 2, 2013, at 4:31 PM

Ted Cruz: No Boots for Filibuster

Star-Telegram, September 24, 2013, at 4:53 PM

Fort Worth dedicates Clearfork bridge, public art murals (S-T VIDEO)

Star-Telegram, September 20, 2013, at 11:01 AM

@cityoffortworth Mayor @Betsy_Price optimistic for stable annual budget outlooks (S-T VIDEO)

Star-Telegram, September 17, 2013, at 6:51 PM

@cityoffortworth passes $1.4 billion citywide budget

Star-Telegram, September 17, 2013, at 5:38 PM