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Sunday - May. 26, 2019
(Continuously updated 24/7)

Morning News: Texas just passed a bill to let people carry their handguns for a full week after natural disasters

Tribune: Texas lawmakers approve $1.1 billion from state savings to fix teacher pension fund

Morning News: After kumbaya session, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says he isn't leaving Texas to join Trump administration

Tribune: Legislation with $1.7 billion for flood control and mitigation projects goes to governor

Tribune: Texas House, Senate approve budget deal with agreements on school finance, property taxes, Hurricane Harvey recovery

Morning News: Lawmakers nix review of Texas' plan to fix special education on last day to pass bills

Morning News: Can Texas afford the school funding overhaul? Some lawmakers say not without new revenue

Morning News: Texas lawmakers back off plan to spend $100M this summer for border protection surge, as urged by Gov. Greg Abbott

Tribune: Texas legislators strip last-minute $100 million request for border surge

Tribune: Despite bipartisan support, Texas bill tackling intellectual disability in death penalty cases fails

Morning News: Letters - Eric Johnson, Scott Griggs, Van Taylor, war crimes, Pope Francis, Pete Buttigieg, Ben Carson

Morning News: Scott Griggs, Dallas mayoral candidate and veteran of big political fights, says he can change the city

Morning News: West Dallas whiz kid Eric Johnson hopes diverse experience propels him to Dallas mayor

Morning News: Laura Bush developed her love for conservation by growing up in oil country

Morning News: Writers, Tweeters and Instagram mavens, it's time to reread '1984'

Morning News: Americans are enabling China's war on religion

Morning News: Humans can adapt to climate change, but first we have to stop wasting time arguing

Morning News: Memorial Day is America's Day of the Dead. It's not Hot Dog Day or Furniture Day

Morning News: America is losing the symbols and rituals that unite us as a nation

Tribune: Texas lawmakers hope an additional $200 million will decrease dreaded wait times at driver's license centers

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