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Wednesday - Mar. 21, 2018
(Continuously updated 24/7)

Morning News: North Texas Food Bank wanted Dallas ISD parents to answer survey questions about Trump, immigration

Morning News: After mass shootings, Congress likely to approve Cornyn's background check bill in budget deal

Morning News: Texas buys more time to avoid obeying judge's foster care ruling — though things are murky

Morning News: Democratic voters need a high-profile debate between Valdez and White

Morning News: Don't mess with Mueller, Texas Republicans warn Trump, though few love the special counsel

Morning News: Texas leaders have urged Trump to narrow metal tariffs. It might be working

Morning News: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott heads for India, hoping to woo investment and jobs

Morning News: The U.S. is strong because of global alliances unprecedented in history; the EU should follow

Morning News: 4 things Texas must do to secure elections

Morning News: Congress should not give Facebook a free pass on net neutrality

Morning News: So many want to vote in Mexico's presidential election that the Dallas consulate can't handle them all

Morning News: It would be a 'black eye' on Texas if state's credit is downgraded, comptroller tells lawmakers

Statesman: UT: No 'tuition promise' on aid for family incomes under $80K

Morning News: Ken Paxton and Donald Trump rail against 'sanctuary cities'

Morning News: Republicans may come to regret their silence on Trump

Morning News: Texas' sanctuary cities law is in effect, and it's ripe for abuse

Morning News: Andrew McCabe, FBI accountability, blue wave, Conor Lamb, sanctuary cities, world poverty

Morning News: Our top political leaders are beginning to sound out-of-touch

Morning News: It's time for Mueller to produce evidence of wrongdoing by Trump or drop it

Morning News: Energy chief Rick Perry defends research program that Trump wants to eliminate

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