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Morning News: Early voting: Big mayor races in Dallas, Fort Worth, plus Laura Miller vs. Jennifer Staubach Gates

Morning News: Letters - So what do you think of the redacted Mueller report?

Morning News: How Dallas County's DA shook — and confused — police and politicians with plan for 'ending mass incarceration'

Morning News: The case of the missing hail storm and other top quotes of the week

Morning News: The Dallas Morning News recommends Cara Mendelsohn for Dallas City Council District 12

Morning News: I was researching my slave ancestors. She had found information about her slaveowner heritage. We met for lunch.

Morning News: Texas proves that booming renewable energy doesn't bring electricity price Armageddon

Morning News: Letters - Alcohol Responsibility Month, East Dallas, Sears, Ben Hogan, basketball, Seattle

Morning News: Mueller report: Confederate rally in Houston 'earliest evidence' of Russian attempts at U.S. discord

Morning News: O'Rourke has the vision thing, voters say, but without 10-point plans is that enough?

Morning News: 'Kumbaya,' for real? Gov. Greg Abbott is hands-on with Texas lawmakers this year as he presses for big wins

Morning News: Dallas ISD considers changes to its much-touted teacher pay system

Morning News: Stephen Moore: U.S. needs more brainiac immigrants, so let's boost H1B visas

Morning News: 'Clear signals were missed': Dallas Rep. Anchia wants justice for girl killed in Atmos gas explosion

Morning News: Stop sex trafficking by ending shell companies

Tribune: Analysis: Making friends and influencing people in the Texas Legislature

Morning News: Letters - Notre Dame, Beto O'Rourke, Dallas City Council, Police Chief U. Renee Hall, Tiger Woods

Tribune: From 'baseless' to 'damning portrait': Texans in Congress react to the Mueller Report along party lines

Tribune: Temporary immigration detention facilities to open in El Paso, Rio Grande Valley

Morning News: Texas' prison heat bill a 'cop out' because it no longer forces units to lower temps, advocates say

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