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Thursday - Dec. 14, 2017
(Continuously updated 24/7)

Morning News: Senate confirms former Texas Solicitor General to powerful appeals court

Morning News: Top aide to Texas AG Ken Paxton: 'Aren't you also tired of all the pathetic 'me too' victim claims?'

Morning News: FCC votes on party lines, 3-2, undoing Obama-era 'net neutrality' rules

Texas Monthly: Blake Farenthold Withdraws from Re-election, But He Can't

Morning News: The course correction Mueller must make

Morning News: How America changed Hanukkah

Morning News: Unless the GOP sets moral boundaries, the politics of cannibalism will devour us all

Morning News: Watch: Drunken state Rep. Victoria Neave tells cops 'I love you' repeatedly after crashing BMW into tree

Morning News: Farenthold drops re-election to Congress, apologizes for 'off color jokes' and unprofessionalism

Morning News: Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold faces more claims of abusive behavior from former aide

Morning News: Omarosa is leaving the White House, bye girl bye

Morning News: Steve Bannon is cancer to the Republican Party

Morning News: 3 things to watch as GOP sprints to pass sweeping tax overhaul early next week

Morning News: Which side has the best players in Texas House GOP Family Feud, 2018 edition?

Morning News: Why don't Mexicans just apply for citizenship?

Morning News: Here's how Doug Jones' win can push the Senate to the middle, where it belongs

Morning News: Can Brett Shipp unseat Pete Sessions? First he needs to prove he knows the issues

Morning News: Alabamans vote their conscience, and the winner is the Republican Party

Morning News: Tweet-loving Justice Don Willett confirmed for federal appeals court

Morning News: Is 'team player' Ted Cruz here to stay? GOP's tax push gives latest proof of softer style

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