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Morning News: Here's why President Trump and Congress have a great opportunity to reform the tax code

Morning News: Texas' bridges aren't bad, but roads and other infrastructure need serious work, engineers say

Morning News: Report: Trump's actions as president now under scrutiny in special counsel's investigation

Morning News: 5 things to know about the GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act

Morning News: Trump judicial nominee, top Texas AG official, called transgender kids part of 'Satan's plan'

Morning News: Snitch testimony sent innocent man to prison for 18 years. Texas lawmakers hope he's the last

Statesman: Emergency grants available to preserve cultural materials damaged by hurricanes

Morning News: Flooded Houston-area homeowners might have been spared ruin — but only if they read the fine print

Morning News: AT&T chief: Republicans' 'political survival' may hinge on tax reform

Chronicle: Interview with Gretchen Himsl

Capital Tonight: Daily Digest: Sept. 19

Morning News: What the latest GOP health care plan could mean for Texans

Morning News: Dallas County votes to keep tax rates the same for county, Parkland Hospital

Morning News: Ken Paxton prosecutors take fight over back pay to state's top court

Morning News: Family feud, 2018 edition: Republicans brace for internal struggle in March primaries

Morning News: DMN Archive: Horse slaughterhouses' appeals case declined, state ban upheld

Morning News: Mocking 'rocket man,' Trump at U.N. threatens to 'destroy' North Korea if it ever attacks

Morning News: Republican speaker of the Texas House just called for the removal of a Confederate plaque from Capitol

Chronicle: Interview with Elizabeth Santos

Morning News: School officials apologize after Janine Turner distributes materials on sex-trafficking, abortion to kids

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