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Saturday - Oct. 20, 2018
(Continuously updated 24/7)

Tribune: The 'sniveling coward' and the 'maniac' are now allies, as Trump stumps for Cruz

Morning News: The Donald Trump-Ted Cruz bromance, from 'Lyin' Ted' to 'total endorsement'

Morning News: Before discovering politics, former NFL player Colin Allred had to find himself

Morning News: Despite tough odds in bout against Dan Patrick, Democrat Mike Collier is still swinging to win Texas' No. 2 job

Morning News: After two decades in Congress, Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions is in the biggest fight of his career

Morning News: A onetime believer in the Saudi crown prince says she cannot explain Khashoggi

Morning News: Obama left a crisis in North Korea that Trump just might be able to clean up

Tribune: Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Beto O'Rourke press for accountability in Jamal Khashoggi's death

Morning News: Giant 'Beto' sign stays, Houston-area couple tells HOA officials who want it gone

Morning News: Ted Cruz jokes Beto O'Rourke may lead Hondurans' caravan, as challenger blasts Trump border policies

Morning News: Letters: Joanna Cattanach, Jan McDowell, Lorie Burch, Texas Legislature, bathroom bill, Richardson ISD

Morning News: Under Democrats' Medicare for all idea 157M people would lose health insurance

Tribune: Abbott going on 19-stop tour to campaign for other Republicans

Morning News: A record 15.8 million Texans are registered to vote for November's midterm elections

Morning News: Dallas ISD trustees vow to keep promise on how to spend tax increase

Tribune: Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halts execution of Kwame Rockwell

Tribune: Federal officials tell Texas to go beyond plan for special education overhaul

Morning News: Voters northwest of Dallas have stark choice in Texas House race between Rinaldi on the right, Johnson on the left

Morning News: A joke about a lawmaker's sexuality has no place in Texas today

Morning News: Joaquin Castro takes back claim that Jared Kushner orchestrated Khashoggi killing

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